Clark County Short Term Rental Ordinance


The proposed ordinance is the result of AB363 that required that Clark County regulate short-term rentals. Currently there is an estimated 12k Short Term Rentals in Clark County.

- Must have state license
- Must have county license - cost depends on size of home $750/$1500
- License cannot be transferred up sale
- Only 1 license per person/entity
- The occupancy limit is 2 per bedroom, with no more than 10 people
- Parties are prohibited, so any more than 10 people are prohibited
- Minimum 2-night stay for all reservations
- Distance separation of 1,000 feet between short-term rentals
- Distance separation of 2,500 feet from a resort-casino
- No more than 10% of units in a multifamily unit, excluding apartments
- one percent of the housing units in unincorporated Clark County, about 2,850 to be licensed as transient lodging
- Must have $500k in liability insurance
- hosts must allow the county to inspect the residential units without advance notice. And, it allows for misdemeanor citations for violations of the ordinance, which means the possibility of criminal liability for issues
- Host must post certain signs
- Does not apply to condo hotels
- Accomodation facilitators can not have any unlicensed units on their platform
- Owners must have 24/7 local phone number for guests to call and calls must be returned within 30 minutes
- Only homes connected to sewer will be allowed licenses (no septic tanks)
- No homes subject to affordability covenants, rental assistance allowed
- CC&Rs have to expressly allow for Short Term Rentals

The rules do not affect Short Term Rentals that are permitted by other Southern Nevada municipalities. Excluded CC areas:

Mt. Charleston
Moapa Township
Moapa Valley Township
Boulder City

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