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What Exactly Does Property Insurance Cover, And Do I Need It?

It's quite hard to make broad statements regarding the coverage provided by a typical home insurance policy. However, specific general terms apply to most property insurance policies. Depending on your purchase coverage, what is covered might vary from state to state. But, to be more explicit, a property insurance policy will only cover dangers that are covered occurrences in the policy document itself. Another way of saying this is that if an inevitable disaster isn't mentioned as a covered occurrence, you will be unable to file a claim if it occurs.

Read on to learn more about some of the damages incurred in property insurance.


Some of the more often encountered hazards covered in property insurance are listed below.

  • Damage caused by fire and smoke.
  • Harsh weather such as wind or hail damage.
  • Water damage from internal sources, but not flooding, is the most common type.
  • Theft of one's personal belongings.
  • Roof damage results from snow or ice accumulation (such as a collapse).
  • Significant damages from civil unrest.
  • Explosions like gas explosions.


Even if you are Mr. Monopoly and have purchased your property entirely (with cash), you may want to consider purchasing property insurance to protect your property and the occupants. Listed below are reasons you need property insurance.


Having gone through the difficulty of financing your new property, it's possible that you won't have the same amount of money on hand if the worst happens and you have to repair or rebuild. To put it another way, if a catastrophic event like a fire or tornado strikes the property, you will save hundreds of thousands (or perhaps millions, depending on the size of the property) in out-of-pocket expenditures.


Property insurance protects more than just your buildings. What about all the priceless items you've amassed for many years? Personal property, generally known as "things," is protected by this insurance policy. It safeguards your most essential possessions in the event of theft, damage, or loss. It would be a great disappointment if anything significant was to be stolen, but having the financial means to replace it would ease the pain.


There's always the possibility that a visitor will be injured on your property. If that accident results in medical expenses (also known as physical harm), you may be sued for damages—however, property insurance guides against such litigations.

Property insurance will not be something you feel obligated to get; rather, it will be something you actively seek out. This policy is the most acceptable financial defense against unexpected events that might occur in life, providing you with much-needed peace of mind in the process. To learn more about bringing the best out of your home, sign up for our newsletters, and we will provide a stress-free and transparent procedure.

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