What are Sids/Lids?

Some neighborhoods in Las Vegas will have Sids/Lids and this usually comes as a shock to new homebuyers or buyer’s who are unfamiliar with the Las Vegas area. SIDS?LIDS are not to be confused with your Homeowners Association fees or taxes but are a separate fee all together for the community.

SID stands for “Special Improvement District” and LID stands for “Limited Improvement District”. These are a special assessment charged to property owners within the district/neighborhood. SIDS/LIDS are typically paid twice a year and go towards the improvement of the area and surrounding infrastructure. Streets, sidewalks, curbs, lighting, water and sewer facilities to name a few. 

Sounds like an HOA fee?

Unlike an HOA fee, each property carries a balance until the total assessment is paid off. It’s important to check with your realtor prior to purchasing in one of these communities so that you’re well informed on any existing balances. Depending on when the home was built, how many payments have been made and which master planned community you’re in, the balance can vary significantly. 

To check the current balance on any home, you can visit: https://www.amgnv.com/

Why would I buy a home with a SID/LID?

SIDS and LIDS are typically in the areas of Summerlin, Mountains Edge, Southern Highlands, a few areas in North Las Vegas and Henderson too. The benefits of purchasing a home with a SID/LID is that you’ll have infrastructure within the community, parks, walking paths, generally better community landscaping and roads. The other great thing is that it’s getting easier to find properties with these balances paid off now.

Looking to purchase?

If you’re interested in the Summerlin, Mountains Edge, Southern Highlands, Henderson or North Las Vegas area, give us a call today! We’re very familiar with our Las Vegas neighborhoods and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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